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What is the "Indie Pet" Difference?

More than just any neighborhood pet store, independent pet retailers improve the lives of pets and provide their customers with a personalized experience that no big box or online pet retailer can offer. 

The one-of-a-kind customer experience you and your pets deserve.

Independent pet store owners are experts in their market and care about their customers, making them feel special and listening to their concerns. As pet lovers themselves, they believe in providing their community's pets with the superior products and services they deserve.


Top of the line products and services means the best for your pet.

By shopping at your neighborhood independent pet store, you can rest easy knowing you are bettering the life of your pets. Backed by preferred pet brands, which you often can't get anywhere else, and staff knowledgeable in the needs of your dearest companion.

Shop from businesses you love and give back to your community.

By supporting your local independent pet store, you're making a personal investment in your pet's well-being and giving back to your community. All while delighting in a customer-focused experience you won't find at any big box retailer.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2023

Shop at your neighborhood independent pet store this September.

Although treasured year-round, this day is set aside to celebrate these unique businesses and their contributions to the community, shedding light on the customer experience they provide and how it enriches the lives of pets.

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