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Marketing Toolkit

Last updated: March 1, 2024

This brand Kit allows you to share the Neighborhood Pet Store Day brand consistently across all channels. You can access brand logos, videos, and pre-designed graphics, easy to access and ready to share. Assets for this event are still in development, so please check back periodically for updates.

Using Brand Graphics and Messaging


  • Utilize the messaging, assets and content ideas below to create turnkey social media posts to promote your participation or support of Neighborhood Pet Store Day.

  • Social media graphics are available for download for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. You’re also welcome to use your own photos, videos and pictures with the provided sample messaging, hashtag, and/or by tagging in your posts.

When you are ready to create a post:

  1. Upload your choice of image, video or graphic to any social media channel.

  2. Copy/paste or customize a caption from our suggestions below.

  3. Fill in any blanks if applicable.

  4. Tag social channels at @neighborhoodpetstoreday and/or add the hashtag #neighborhoodpetstoreday.

Social Media


Neighborhood Pet Store Day is active on the following social media channels. By tagging @neighborhoodpetstoreday in your social media posts your content may be reshared on our channels. In return, we encourage you to share Neighborhood Pet Store Day content on your own channels. 

Please use our official hashtag #neighborhoodpetstoreday when posting your content about this event to increase engagement and reach to all audiences. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Ready-To-Use Graphics


To amplify your Neighborhood Pet Store Day presence on social media please use the pre-designed graphics and video content below in our assets folder. New content will be added regularly, so please check back.

Messaging & Content


To easily and effectively spread the word about Neighborhood Pet Store Day, it's important users of the brand are presenting a consistent and unified message across all marketing channels. Below are some suggested messaging points for you to pick and choose from when posting about this event.

Messaging examples:

  1. A day to celebrate independent pet retailers.

  2. Experience the indie pet difference.

  3. Not just any neighborhood pet store.

  4. Put money back into your local economy, receive an unrivaled customer experience, and give pets the life they deserve.

  5. These businesses improve the lives of pets and provide their customers with a personalized experience that no big box or online pet retailer can offer.

  6. Celebrate the independent pet retailers in your community on September 23, 2023.

Why we celebrate Neighborhood Pet Store Day.

Taking place annually on the fourth Saturday of September, Neighborhood Pet Store Day's purpose is to rally the pet lovers of North America in support of independent pet businesses.

Although treasured year-round, this day is set aside to celebrate these unique businesses and their contributions to the community. Shedding light on the customer experience these retailers provide and how it enriches the lives of pets.

Sharing the Brand


You can help build brand awareness and community engagement with consistent content and outreach. Share content frequently to raise awareness about the Neighborhood Pet Store Day event, how you are planning to support the event, and any noteworthy posts, reels, stories, etc on the day of the event. 


With our combined efforts we can drive more traffic to independent pet businesses and communicating what makes these businesses special.



If you have any questions or trouble accessing our creative assets, please contact and we will help.

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