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The Superstar Sponsors for Neighborhood Pet Store Day 2024

Updated: Apr 4

Champion Petfoods and ZIWI are the superstar sponsors for this year's Neighborhood Pet Store Day, which will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2024. In partnership with the Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retail Association, or IndiePet, these top contributors are helping to support this event and raise awareness across North America of the extraordinary experience consumers and their pets receive while shopping at these niche businesses.

Top Contributors to the 2024 Event

ZIWI, a proud sponsor of the first-ever Neighborhood Pet Store Day, is delighted to take on the role of Superstar Sponsor in 2024! Their support and enthusiasm for this initiative highlight the importance of shopping locally and supporting the exceptional independent pet stores that serve our communities.

When speaking about their involvement, a representative from ZIWI shared,

"ZIWI was proud to sponsor the first-ever Neighborhood Pet Store Day in partnership with IndiePet, and we are so excited to be a Superstar Sponsor in 2024! There are so many great independent pet stores, and this initiative by IndiePet is an excellent way to get pet parents thinking about shopping locally for their favorite food & supplies."

Champion Petfoods, a longtime supporter of independent pet stores, also sponsored Neighborhood Pet Store Day in its inaugural year and is returning as a Superstar Sponsor for year two. They are eager to continue their partnership and contribute to the success of this event.

A representative from Champion Petfoods expressed,

"We are thrilled to be a part of Neighborhood Pet Store Day for another year. It is extremely exciting to see the whole channel band together to drive traffic and awareness of independent pet stores across North America. We look forward to supporting Neighborhood Pet Store Day to help pet lovers experience the indie difference, which includes consulting with store associates who are deeply knowledgeable about the foods and services that are best for our pets."

A Year-Round Endeavor

While Neighborhood Pet Store Day serves as a special occasion to celebrate independent pet stores, it is important to remember that supporting these local businesses should be a year-round endeavor.

By shopping at independent pet stores, pet parents receive expert guidance and contribute to the growth and sustainability of their neighborhoods. These stores are an invaluable part of the community, providing employment opportunities, giving back to local charities, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among pet lovers.

Together, pet lovers everywhere can bolster and support independent pet stores beyond Neighborhood Pet Store Day, ensuring their continued success and positive impact on our companion animals and communities.

Get Out & Support Independent Pet Retailers

With the support of ZIWI and Champion Petfoods, all additional event sponsors, and IndiePet, along with the unity of independent pet retailers across North America, Neighborhood Pet Store Day 2024 will surely be a remarkable and impactful event.

Show your support on the event website, and mark your calendars for September 28, 2024, as pet lovers everywhere join together in honoring the local independent pet stores that bring so much love, care, and expertise to our pets' lives. Much like last year's success, this year's Neighborhood Pet Store Day promises to celebrate community and the mutual love for our furry friends!

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