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Coming Together to Celebrate Indie Pet Retailers

Updated: Apr 25

Founded in 2020 by a group of independent pet business owners, the Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retailer Association, or IndiePet, was established to build a community of indie retailers, working collectively and collaboratively to raise awareness of the unique shopping experience at neighborhood independent pet stores and develop a library of tools and resources that support and add value to their business and the independent pet retail channel overall.

How IndiePet Supports the Retailer Community

Members of IndiePet represent a diverse community of independent pet retailers, supporting manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, all working together to ensure a strong, sustainable, and growing place for indies at the heart of the pet industry.

Retailers in the IndiePet community have access to affordable memberships and valuable resources developed exclusively for independent pet retailers and by independent pet retailers. With this toolbox and the support of a network of their peers, neighborhood indie retailers nationwide can provide the products and services needed to enrich your pet's life for years to come.

Why IndiePet Started #neighborhoodpetstoreday

It's not a secret that people love their pets. In 2021, 48% of people surveyed said they would put their pets’ health and wellbeing above their own. Even so, in the hustle and bustle of life, we can make our pet purchases without fully considering whether our choices get us what is best for our pets, for us, or for our community.

Much like the food and wellness products we buy for ourselves, we may not find the best quality or service or even the best prices at the local supercenter. And they are certainly unlikely to be able to make product recommendations or even know much about the products they sell. For high quality products and trusted information, you would likely shop at a locally owned small business or chain. If you want the same high quality and trusted information about products you purchase for your pet, an independent pet retailer is the place to go.

Because many independent pet retailers started their businesses out of love for pets and the desire to help others who love their pets, you will find caring and well trained staff who will get to know you and your pets, staff who know a lot about the products they carry, and who can help you make informed decisions about what to feed your pet, what kinds of toys they might like, and which supplements can help with the Fourth of July scaries.

The Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retailer Association created Neighborhood Pet Store Day to celebrate these special businesses – to highlight the customer experience independent pet retailers provide and how they care about their customers, help enrich the lives of pets, and contribute to their local economies.

Rallying Behind Independent Pet Retailers

On Neighborhood Pet Store Day, September 28, 2024, the pet lovers of North America will have the opportunity to show a little extra love for their local, neighborhood, independent pet retailer. They can celebrate what makes indies special to people, pets, and communities.

Whether you are a regular indie shopper or you’re curious about the buzz, we invite you to visit an independent pet retailer in your neighborhood. Then, on the fourth Saturday of September – this year on September 28, 2024, enjoy events and promotions that many retailers will offer on Neighborhood Pet Store Day.

Neighborhood Pet Retail Day is brought to you by the Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retail Association and the brands committed to the indie market.

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