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The Indie Pet Shopping Experience is Just Different

Updated: Apr 25

The independent pet experience is different from shopping at just any neighborhood pet store; doing business with these one-of-a-kind establishments is also a promise you are doing what's best for your pet and your community.

When shopping for yourself, the expectations are high. Often looking to the experts in your favorite spaces to help guide your purchasing decisions. Once you've found products and services you love, you want to feel great about your investment. You want to know you received the best for your money, and the experience has to feel accessible, personal, and downright exceptional— you want the total package.

Your pet is a part of your family and, therefore, an extension of yourself, so when it comes to shopping for them, why would your expectations be any different?

You love your pet, and providing them with the best of the best is essential to how you bond with them. With all the innovation in the pet space, finding products to help nurture that bond is easier than ever, but how do you know which brands to trust? And besides, it's about more than just the best and trusted products; you want your pet to be catered to, indulged, pampered, and spoiled. Tails wagging; they deserve the best!

That is where your local neighborhood independent or "indie" pet store comes in. They are the experts in their space; they offer the best products on the market with a passionate and knowledgeable staff and provide an unrivaled customer experience you won't find online or at big box retailers.

The Experience You and Your Pet Deserve

Independent pet businesses take care to nurture customer relationships by showing they understand their needs. As animal lovers themselves, they put in the extra work to focus on the well-being of all the pets in their community. They are dedicated to staying on top of current trends, researching latest products, and holding special events to educate and share their expertise with pet owners.

Unlike shopping with corporations, big box, and online giants, shopping at your neighborhood independent pet store guarantees the total package customer experience and peace of mind knowing your investment provides your pet with the optimum health and wellness they deserve.

Explore All the Options Available to You

While e-commerce shopping has rapidly grown over the last decade, the brick-and-mortar shopping experience is still the top dog, with 2021 data showing that 84% of sales occur in physical stores and 46% of consumers still prefer to shop and interact physically with sellers.

Even though brick and mortar is the bread and butter of the independent pet community, understanding the importance of convenience to modern consumers is also top of mind. This is why many of the independent pet businesses in your area will often have various service offerings and ways to purchase to suit the needs of every customer type. But also the exceptional in-store experience consumers expect when looking for a delightful day of shopping with their pets.

From full-service grooming to self-service wash stations, doggie daycare, loyalty programs, pick-up in-store, home delivery services, and more! With a quick Google search, you and your pet should be able to find that next level service at the independent pet retailers in your neighborhood.

Support These Businesses Year Round

On Neighborhood Pet Store Day, September 28, 2024, the pet lovers of North America will rally behind these unique businesses to celebrate what makes them special and how they give back to pets, people, and their community.

To do your part to help support these businesses on this day and all year round, try sharing your exceptional experiences in a Google or Yelp review, tell a friend or co-worker how their products have bettered the life of your loving companion, or post on social media why their services are second to none.

Spreading the word about these favorite neighborhood shopping hot spots is the best way to educate others on the indie pet difference and help these businesses thrive for years to come.

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